Barnaul 223 Rem, 62gr, FMJ, 20rd


Barnaul’s CENTAUR ammunition line employs bullets and propellants of American and European manufacture
As western shooters generally ask for higher quality levels than what many Eastern manufacturers are used to provide, the Barnaul Cartridge Plant planned ahead when working to launch the CENTAUR product line, by reaching agreements with foreign third parties to provide certain key parts. Barnaul still manufactures the polymer-coated steel cases and the lacquered primers used in their CENTAUR line loads, but the bi-metallic, tombac-coated bullet are manufactured in the United States by Hornady Manufacturing Inc. − one of America’s biggest names in ammunition! − while propellants are provided by P.B. Clermont S.A., a specialized chemical company headquartered in Belgium with decades of experience in the manufacture of military, civilian and industrial-grade propellants.

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