Glock 19 Magazines, 10rd, 9mm, COYOTE


These new, “Coyote Coloured,” Glock magazines were made to go with the new Glock 19X.

This handgun blends the Lower (Frame) of the Glock 17 with the Upper (Slide) of a Glock 19. Some think it’s the best of two worlds; a full size grip with a mid-size slide to make a compact handgun, perfect in every way.

Talk about Glock Perfection!

These magazines will also fit in your standard,  “plain black Glock,” G17 or G34, as well as most other full, compact, and sub-compact 9mm Glocks. Because of that, they are also very popular simply because of their unique colour. The 17 round magazine will fit flush with the G17/G34, but they will stick out a bit from the bottom of a G19, and a bit more in a G26.

The 19-round magazine has a factory +2 extension and it will protrude a bit from all models.

To sum it up, these are what you would expect from Glock… flawless magazines that feed and function every time, but in a new colour. Which is exactly what makes them so desirable!

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