Maple Ridge Armoury RENEGADE Reciver Kit


The MRA Renegade is a novel, spring assisted, straight pull, magazine fed firearm design. It is composed of a proprietary receiver, bottom metal, and proprietary bolt carrier with integrated, swap-able left or right hand charging handle. This builder kit is compatible with a wide variety of commonly available firearm parts and accessories. In this way, the user can build a rifle to meet their specific utility and budget.

The Renegade is designed and intended to not be capable of discharging ammunition in a semi-automatic fashion. The design is novel and is not derived from any restricted or prohibited firearm. Due to the action type and novel design, this firearm meets the legal standard of a non-restricted firearm as per the Canadian Firearms Act and related Regulations. The minimum overall length when assembled into a working firearm must be over 26″ to meet the standard of non-restricted.

We recommend using our MRA Renegade Barrel Torque Rod when assembling or performing work on the Renegade.

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