RWS, 9mm Flobert Shot Cartridges, Double Shot Load, No.8, 50rd Box


The “Garden Gun” 9mm round. In Europe, 9mm Flobert smooth-bore shotguns are commonly used by gardeners and farmers for pest control, and face very little to no restriction, even in countries with strict gun laws. These garden guns are short range weapons that can do little harm at distances greater than 15 to 20 yards (14 to 18 m), and are relatively quiet when fired with shotshells, compared to standard ammunition. The guns are especially effective inside barns and sheds, because the snake shot they use will not injure livestock with a ricochet, or put holes in the roof or walls. They are also used for pest control at airports, warehouses and stockyards.

The 9mm Flobert cartridge can also fire a small ball, but is primarily loaded with a small amount of shot. Its power and range are very limited, making it suitable only for pest control.

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