S&W Model 37 Air Light, 38SPL, CONSIGNMENT, PROHIB


This is a Consignment gun & is PROHIBITED, appropriate license required.


The Airweight model 37 is the younger brother to the Model 36 “Chief’s Special”, an identical gun but with a steel frame instead of aluminum. The 37 came out in ’51 and went largely unchanged until Smith & Wesson finally dropped them all together in 2006.

In the mid-1950s, the Air Force ordered a specialized version of the Airweight for military police use. This version implemented not only an aluminum frame, but also an aluminum cylinder and barrel. Testing proved that the cylinder and barrel failed pretty quickly due to heat warping, and the model was discontinued.

There have been a few variations of both the Model 36 and 37 throughout the years, such as the Model 36 Gold, which, as you can probably guess, had gold accents throughout the pistol. In later years, Smith & Wesson began offering the tiny pistol with thicker grips, understandably.


The Smith & Wesson Airweight features a two-inch barrel for massive concealed-carry effectiveness. It probably wouldn’t be your first pick for shooting cans off the fence at 50 yards with it, but for up close and personal encounters, the Airweight is hard to beat.

One thing that is unique about the pistol is that the firing pin is actually located on the business end of the hammer, which is something you don’t see every day. I kind of like the design, myself, if for nothing else than its simplicity. It’s also a great conversation piece because it’s highly likely many of your friends have never seen one.

The tiny cylinder holds five rounds-just enough to get you out of a bad situation. The cylinder release is on the left side of the frame and takes a little force to slide so the cylinder opens. Because this is often used as a pocket pistol, I find it a well thought-out feature. The last thing in the world you need, should you have to pull the Airweight in self-defense, is an open cylinder.

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